September 20, 2013

You really want to check out Perzl's collection of AIX rpm packages.



April 29, 2012

I was going to mention that you don't need the lsof-4.84 from this page because it's included on the "Extras" DVD for AIX-7.1, however, I have since discovered that if you're using AIX with NIS, the version on the AIX DVD can't resolve the username from the UID. When run by a NIS user, you get "lsof: no pwd entry for UID 999" or whatever the UID of the user is.

The version of lsof below, lsof-4.84-1.aix6.1.ppc.rpm, does not suffer from this problem. It seems to work properly.


September 23, 2010

AIX 6.1 has integrated some of the components of the Linux Toolbox into the Base Operating System. OpenSSL is now maintained by IBM in the Base OS. Several utilities within the Toolbox were built and linked to the OpenSSL in the Toolbox, namely wget and curl, and won't function if you don't have the OpenSSL from the Toolbox installed. Given the age of some of these, and this new scenario, I decided to rebuild some of the utilities.

OpenSSH is now included with the Base OS as well, and can't be uninstalled if you install all the cluster components because of dependancies. I have therefore given up building a version from and for the Linux Toolbox. The only real difference between the vendor supplied version and the one I was building is the inclusion of TCP wrappers. You can get similar functionality by using AIX's built-in firewall, but you lose the ability to set booby-traps which could alert you to scans.

AIX 6.1 is still using an ancient version of RPM, and it would be really nice to have something like yum working. Given the state of the Toolbox, one is left to wonder what utility RPM has in AIX?

lsof - A utility to list open files. This one is modern, and is patched with a custom machine.h for AIX, which selects the options lsof operates under. For example, regular users cannot list all open files.


curl - A command line utility to fetch web pages. This one is linked to OpenSSL in the Base OS.


wget - A command line utility to fetch web pages. This one is linked to OpenSSL in the Base OS.


AIX 5.2/5.3 RPMS

October 18, 2007

If you're looking for RPMs on AIX, then you are presumeably looking for open source software. Why not just use Linux in the first place and get it over with? All you'd have to type is something like:

yum install openssh-client
apt-get install openssh-client
Or you could continue to hunt for RPMs for AIX. In which case, these are all built using gcc using the default 32 bit OBJECT_MODE. All these packages (except for rdesktop) are used all day, every day in production environments.

mpack - A command line MUA with MIME capabilities


openssh - SSH server and client with tcp_wrappers built in.

The client and server packages both depend on the base package, therefore to get a fully functional installation, you need to install all three packages.


rdesktop - A remote desktop client to connect to a Windows Terminal Server


stunnel - A program to create an SSL tunnel. Useful for adding SSL to clients and servers that don't support SSL. Adding tcp_wrappers to stunnel adds a performance hit with this version of stunnel, as does supporting IPV6; hence the nolibwrap version.


tcp_wrappers - Provides a way of checking source ip addresses before allowing clients to connect to daemons. This build was used to provide libwrap.a to other software on this page.