Welcome to the website. I run a consulting company in Ottawa Canada specializing in Unix Administration.

I'm on LinkedIn.

I have extended the Linux_toolbox for AIX. You can find the RPMS and SRPMS at

Here's a helper script to start Eclipse on a Linux system. This was written to support Eclipse on Ubuntu 9.10/10.04, and to not use the system Java SDK.

Here's a helper script to prepare disks in Linux for Oracle ASM use. It creates the udev entries and partitions the volumes, and reloads udev without rebooting. I use it on Red Hat Enterprise 6. setup_oracle_asm_disks

You might also consider using this line to update the alternatives system to update the system java when you install Sun's version. alternatives-install.txt

If you run NMON with a lot of detail, you might want to thin the data files to use with the consolidator. Sure, you could just focus on simple ranges, but this prints every n'th record from the nmon capture file. Written in awk. nmonreduce.awk

There's also a couple of nice utilities I wrote to manage disks under Tru64 modelling Solaris' format command. They're at The format scripts are suitable to include in a disaster recovery plan as they are able to run while booted from the installation cdrom.